3 Tips for Developing a Mobile App that Users will Love

The World is Going Mobile. Are you moving or standing?

It’s not exactly a news flash that mobile app technology is redefining the world of business. We’re living in a brand new world where mobile technology is not a nice-to have option for businesses anymore, is mandatory.

According to Global Web Index 80% of internet users own a smartphone and all of them have at least 3 mobile apps download on their smart phones.

With the increased usage of smart phones the demand for sophisticated apps is growing faster than ever before. With more than one million apps available in the Apple App Store alone, it’s a significant feat to get your app downloaded in the first place. Then, once your app has been successfully installed on a user’s mobile device, it’s important that it stays there – something that majority of app developers struggle with.

Here are 3 tips to create a great mobile app that your users will fall in love with:

1. Strategy

Is important to know that an idea of an app is not a strategy. Start by defining what you are hoping to achieve with this mobile app : to increase revenue, improve the customer experience or make your employees more productive. Don’t create an app and trow it in the app store and hope it will be found. Create a marketing strategy and get you app out in the light.

2. Interface and User experience

The first thing that the user will see is the interface of the app. Make it user-friendly!

Most developers are trying to bring the next big thing when they start to develop a new app. Keep in mind that even if creating something totally new can be exciting, you need to make sure that the app can be easy to use. From the screen resolution to the color and buttons functions you have to keep in mind that all users want app that are easy to navigate and use.

3.  Testing is always the Key

Always test your app before you release it!

The importance of testing unimaginable for any app! In this process you can discover bugs and repair it before the app is release to the world. Going thought this process you will not only save money but also time and brand awareness. Your app should be creative, easy to understand and deliver high performance. There are many app testing tools available in the market that you can use to organize the beta testing.

Learning how to correctly develop across platforms is an important skill that will help you  get ahead in this climate.

If you want to succeed you must create an app that solves a problem, deliver important functionality, save time or money, entertain or enlighten, or offer a novel service.

3 thoughts on “3 Tips for Developing a Mobile App that Users will Love

  1. Raavi says:

    For every website there will be testing it is a final stage to launch a website. For the tester there will be of 2 tasks manually and automated

  2. Calvin says:

    It’s easy to get caught up in mobile app development while forgetting about the user. The head of Google’s Primer team shares why focusing on user-centric design will ensure that your mobile app is relevant to your audience. Thanks for sharing thanks!

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