5 Reasons Why Your Company Might Need a Mobile App in 2016

People like you and I are becoming more and more mobile oriented, which makes companies question their mobile strategies or lack of them (which can be a good thing).

Going mobile is a global process that we are all part of. We can even go ahead and consider mobile devices the gateway to IoT.

In 2015, in UK alone, smartphones had overtaken laptops as UK internet users’ number one device, shows a report by Ofcom.

But what makes us go mobile and go for the latest tech?

Is it the convenience, the fast-paced world that we live in, the fact that we want to keep up with technology, the need to always be connected or simply the quick and easy access to information that mobile devices are offering us?

Maybe it’s a mix of all the above. This mix creates demand, demand that can put pressure on some businesses and on their online strategies.

Let’s see which are the benefits and reasons for a company to create a mobile app as a companion to their (hopefully mobile optimized) website.

Here are 5 reasons why companies might go for a mobile app in 2016:

1. User demand & engagement

Some businesses witness a higher demand than others when it comes to providing their audiences with a mobile alternative to their website. Whilst some companies are already engaging their audience through their mobile apps, others are still waiting, uncertain of what to do next.

Of course, it makes more sense for an e-commerce business to go for a mobile app than for a service provider, but then again, this depends on the business and on the customer demand.

If you are uncertain if a mobile app is the next step for your business, just ask yourself these simple questions:
• Will I bring value to my business and my customers by offering them a mobile app?
• Will a mobile app help my customers make informed decisions and bring extra revenue for the business?
• Do I have the resources and in-house skills for creating and maintaining a mobile app?

2. Placement & competition

One of the 4Ps is place or placement. Distribution is a key element of placement. Here is where strategy should come in. Your placement strategy should help you assess which channels will work best and are most suited for your product or products. How your product is accessed by the end user needs to go hand in hand with your overall strategy.

Take a look at what your competition is doing. Are they successfully offering a mobile app for their customers and your shared audience?

3. ‘Mobilegeddon’ & ranking factors

Having a mobile optimized website and a mobile app linked to the website will help your ranking when it comes to SEO and to your company’s results in Google searches. Apparently, apps that are currently indexed by Google will rank better when it comes to results for mobile users.

4. Instant updates and notifications

The great part about having a mobile app for your business is the fact that you can notify your users/customers in real time about any updates related to their accounts or your company.

Some may probably never read your company’s ‘Press’ or ‘Blog’ sections and some might not open the e-mails you send but most of them will see a push notification on their phone. And probably open it.

5. Customer loyalty

It’s easier to keep your customers loyal when you are able to connect with them via their mobile devices.
The mobile channel makes it easier for businesses to send their customers personalized offers or to offer them instant customer support, if that is the case.


How do you feel about mobile apps and mobile strategies?

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