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How software outsourcing can help your business in Coronavirus crisis

software outsourcing can help your business

The Coronavirus crisis has brought a massive change in all business areas, with new risks and challenges we need to understand and overcome. All around the world, companies are struggling to adapt to this new business landscape. In order to survive this pandemic, business leaders need to react fast to the challenges and prepare for […]

Cloud Migration: Saves Time and Money

Cloud Migration saves time and money

When it comes to businesses’ financial savings, cloud migration may be the answer you were looking for. For many years, organizations have used on-premise software with success. But technology is evolving fast and cloud computing is at the forefront of this digital transformation. Nowadays, cloud migration is the way to go when it comes to […]

How Artificial Intelligence is used to fight the Covid-19?

AI fights against Coronavirus

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. We are using it every day, sometimes even without realizing it. From Siri or Netflix to self-driving cars, we are constantly using a form of artificial intelligence. But, this intelligent technology does much more than that. Just 4 months ago, in the last days […]

Work from Home – Tech Tips During Coronavirus Outbreak

home office Coronavirus

Just a few months ago, home office was viewed as a perk that many employees wished to have. But, be careful what you wish for. Today, in the context of the Coronavirus outbreak, working from home has become a reality for many of the world’s workers in ways that were not expected a few month ago. […]

Top 5 Security Risks in Cloud Computing

Security Risks in Cloud Computing

More and more businesses and governments are shifting their workloads to the cloud. However, some companies remain reluctant to the cloud’s irresistible attractions due to the remaining concerns about security risks in cloud computing. It’s true that the cloud comes with many key advantages, like cost-efficiency and time-efficiency. The cloud environments tend to be the […]

Software Testing in a Millennial World

Alex, our Software Tester

Software testing has become one of the most popular job aspirations for millennials in the IT industry. Over the past decade, this generation has been increasingly seeking more opportunities to take up software testing as a career path. People in this generation were introduced to technology at an early stage in their life and they […]