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The next generation at work: Students

University students continue to be a significant source of hiring for software developing companies. In the last years many studies have shown that cooperative students appear to have more realistic expectations, report higher self‐confidence and have better self‐insights into their own abilities and desires. Also they have great energy and are more eager and motivated […]

A typical day as a software tester

Have you ever wondered just what a software tester does? Even though the job title seems to give away the main focus, there are some misinterpretations as to what functions a software tester actually performs. From our point of view, a good software tester should have sharp analytical skills, strong technical skills and pretty good […]

A Day in the Life of a Software Developer

We use software every day on our home or office computers, smartphones or any other device. One of the fastest developing sectors of the computer and information technology industry is software development. A software developer’s actual job description is wide-ranging and incorporates aspects of software engineering, coding and testing. Have you ever wondered what a […]

Ensure Software Quality with 6 Types of Tests

Software testing is an important technique for assessing the quality of a software product. There are several types of testing that should be carried out on larger-scale software development projects. Each type of testing has a certain “specification” that defines the correct expected behavior the test is examining so that incorrect behavior (an observed failure) […]

The Benefits of Test Driven Development

We live in a world that is moving rapidly. Businesses are constantly changing – and so are business requirements for software applications. Over the last decade Agile development methodology has become more influential. The trend towards continuous delivery requires greater efficiency in the process and many developers are relying on automated unit tests, or pushing […]

Custom applications – the best solution for your business

Every business has different needs, and it is very difficult for one single software product to accommodate multiple requirements simultaneously. Packaged software is also created and intended for multiple users and will thus typically include superfluous features that you don’t really need. Hence most businesses are becoming aware of the benefits resulting from developing custom […]