Infobest at GPEC 2015

Infobest attended the biggest e-commerce conference in Romania. Here are the highlights of the event.

With a constant growth over the years, a few weeks ago, Infobest Romania celebrated 15 years of activity.

Because we believe that being up to date in this business a must, some members of our marketing team attended the GPEC Summit 2015 – 10 Years Anniversary in Bucharest.

Top speakers from all around the world shared their most valuable secrets debating hot topics in the field.

Larry Kimthe Founder and CTO of Wordstream had an interesting panel where he talked about “10 Insanely Great Ways to Sell Your Stuff on Social Media”

Tips and tricks about optimizing paid advertising on social media, how to leverage your valuable “unicorns” and an overall view of adequate targeting for better conversions.

Oli GardnerCo-Founder of Unbounce, one of the world’s leading A/B testing tools. “The Four Corners of Conversion: Understanding the Intersection of Copy, Design, Interaction & Psychology”.

He did a very persuasive presentation, knowing how to use the right words. As Oli said: BECAUSE is the most persuasive word in English language and we should use it right BECAUSE it helps us convert better.

Brian MasseyFounder of Conversion Sciences – “ Is Google Scaring Businesses into Bad Redesign Decisions?” As traffic from mobile devices keeps increasing over the years, a bad website design might ruin your business. Brian spoke about how you can convert better on mobile than on desktop devices without paying more for traffic.

Viljo VabritCEO and SCA of ConversionXL  Agency talked about how to boost sales: “A bulletproof roadmap to boost your online sales”. Viljo presented the most important leaks that you should keep in mind when analyzing your marketing campaigns. Optimize in order to win more and lose less.

We also found out How Spending $500 Can Make You $30,000 In Online Sales from Omri Yacubovich head of Marketing Commerce Science, and what not to do in E-commerce in a very interesting panel with Adrian Ichim (Founder & Partner Advanced Ideas), Alexandru Lapusan (CEO & Founding Partner Zitec), Andreea Moisa (Managing Director Beans United), Bogdan Manolea (Co-Founder, Doina Vilceanu (Chief Marketing Officer ContentSpeed), Ela Moraru (Industry Manager Google), Razvan Acsente (Marketing Executive – Naspers).


As a conclusion, we can say that the e-commerce sector is growing daily and there are tons of new opportunities out there. You can grow only if you play the right game, and this year’s speakers were able to give everyone some solid advice on how to do so.

Thank you GPEC for having us!

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