Meet the Team – Gabriela

meet our team - Gabriela

I don’t even remember precisely the moment I first got interested in painting. I can only say that when I was a little kid, every time I had a pencil in my hands, I used to draw anything and everywhere – on the walls, tables, floors – it was quite a fun activity, even though not so funny for my parents who had to keep an eye on me all the time because they didn’t want me to turn the whole house into a work of art.

I didn’t take any courses, but I’ve had an appetite for art since I was very young, whether it was drawing, painting, jewelry making, and other fine arts.

I used to draw all sorts of things, without a particular style. It was only in high school when I started to explore this passion on a deeper level and slowly began to shape a certain style. It took me some time to find my own style and to figure out what I really like to capture on paper. That’s why, when it comes to pencil drawing I prefer portraits – people are a fascinating subject to sketch. The complexity of human emotions is what truly inspires me. On the other hand, when it comes to painting on canvas with acrylics my one and only inspiration is nature, which is undoubtedly a never-ending source of imagination. There are many complexities within the scenery, such as the skies and clouds, snow, or water reflections, which make the paintings a challenge but, once finished, evoke a deep sense of satisfaction.

Because I want nature to become part of my paintings, something I’ve been experiencing lately is creating my own paint out of the natural pigments around me. From the fire stoves, I used charcoal to get black pigments, from the ashes I got amazing tones of grey and brown. Moreover, mud, dirt, sand, even fruits like blueberries turned into beautiful colors. It’s something I’m still learning, but I want to get better at it because, for me, the whole process of picking the materials and preparing the colors made it all feel more meaningful. I want to look at my paintings, touch them, and know the story of every single pigment and how they ended up on the canvas.

I’ve always believed that art inspires people, whether it’s visual or verbal; it’s what gets people impassioned.

For me, painting is therapeutic, it calms me down and lets me express everything, in a way words wouldn’t allow me to. Mostly it feels like a ritual to me.

It can be a great method to disconnect from the real world, to relax, to put your thoughts in order and it’s essential to understand that you don’t have to be a brilliant artist to try it. I am not, I’m just in a tiny corner of this utopian picture, but I truly believe that human beings are innately creative and once you pick up a brush you just have to be honest with yourself, with your emotions, and let your feelings guide your strokes. And once you unleash your creativity, your inner artist will soon wake up.

Dive into this world, it welcomes you with open arms! And just like wine, you will get better with time.

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