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Good stories bring us face to face with ourselves. They help us discover our faults and quirks but also our strengths and dreams.

I started writing letters to those who needed to read beautiful things. To my college colleagues, to an aunt who had an incurable disease, to friends and important people in my life. I offered a few lines that managed to make their souls happy. Then, I discovered a website ( where people post prose, essays, or poetry and comment on each other’s creations. Finally, I created a blog where I can post at my own pace, experiment, feel at ease, keep my lines together.

There was no specific moment or event that convinced me to start writing. I think it came with time. And it’s closely related to the books I’ve read over time. During school, I wrote beautiful compositions that were well appreciated by my Romanian language and literature teachers.

Good stories can change the world.

I don’t think you can write about something you haven’t experienced and don’t know very well. Everything I wrote was lived by me. They are not faithful renderings of reality, maybe the place or time has been changed, maybe I lent them to a character, but they are pieces of reality. I write about events in my life, about the people I met and who at some point impressed me somehow. Even you can one day become a character in my very short stories. This has already happened to some colleagues.

I think this is my freedom: when writing is done out of passion, I can write about anything and I can change my style at any time. However, I do it responsibly, I write about facts, not about political gossip, rumors, news just to have something to write. Until yesterday, only the facts remain. What will be tomorrow, we’ll find out.

The more we write, the better we get. 

Unfortunately, I write too rarely these days. In the pandemic years, I almost got stuck. I need real feelings, real people, real-world events. Everything I write contains reality. There are things that I have lived, experienced, and felt. I like to associate a text with a song, with a glass of wine, a cake, to combine the image and atmosphere of the text with a smell, taste, or sounds and all synchronized. If 5D cinema exists, why shouldn’t the 5D book exist?

Writing it’s an expression of myself that I can’t do any other way. It helps me explore worlds, emotions, and ideas that can only be brought to life on paper. I love to create characters and experiment with different stories and emotions.

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