Offshore Software Development: How to find and manage the perfect team

Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development is here to stay!

The world is your playground. In other words, you can literally choose any country in the world to build an offshore software development team. Sounds easy, right?

Before you start searching for the right offshore software development company, you need to have a crystal-clear view of your demands and expectations. Having a team in another part of the world is different than having an in-house team. There are a number of things you need to pay special attention to before you start a new collaboration.

In this article, you will find some insights about offshore software development. Firstly, you will find out the benefits of hiring an offshore team and how to choose the perfect outsourcing partner. Secondly, you will get some tips on how to manage an offshore dedicated team.

Why should you hire an offshore dedicated team?

Software developers are one of the most demanded and highly paid workforces in the world, especially in the West. For many businesses in Western Europe, America, or Canada finding local talent is a challenging task. With competition at an all-time high, a talented workforce is getting scarcer by the day. However, the most compelling argument when it comes to choosing an offshore dedicated team remains the significant cost efficiency that this decision will bring. By adopting a dedicated development team, you will have access to a large pool of skilled IT talents in Eastern European countries where labor cost is significantly lower. Just think about the saving you will make by not having to recruit, train and offer different benefits to your in-house team.

How to find the right offshore software development company?

Software outsourcing is the best solution for businesses that have a priority to keep up with the light speed of technological development but do not possess the knowledge, the skilled workforce, or the budget for hiring and managing an in-house development team.

More and more companies are starting to evaluate offshore software development and how it can help them achieve their business goals. Therefore, if you are thinking about hiring an outsourcing software provider make sure you have a crystal-clear image of your expectations in terms of team size and structure, skill level, and other key details before you start discussing with potential IT providers.

Things to consider when selecting an offshore outsourcing company:

Experience, Expertise, and Infrastructure:

The first step in finding a good and reliable outsourcing partner is tightly bound to the experience, specialists, and infrastructure they can provide. Keep in mind that no matter how good an outsourcing company seems to be you need to ensure that they have the experience, specialists, and infrastructure to help you with your business needs.


Without communication, there is no partnership! Make sure your outsourcing partner speaks your language and if you are operating in a different time zone, be sure that both of your working hours meet to a certain degree to minimize gaps in communication.

Company Culture and Management:

Outsourcing can present unique communications challenges when it comes to language, but also culture. Therefore, before you start a new partnership make sure that your outsourcing partner is culturally compatible. Having a software outsourcing partner who can understand your language and communicate with you efficiently will make the collaboration much easier and more productive.

Tips to manage an offshore outsourcing team

To maximize the benefits of software outsourcing development you need to keep in mind some key tips that will play a vital role in your project in the long run.

Share your product vision:

Think of your offshore dedicated team as an expansion of your company. It’s really important that you communicate the whole picture. Starting from your company’s culture and your product to your business vision and goals. This way, your outsourcing team will understand better your project needs.

Develop and maintain a good communication system:

Having in mind that your offshore dedicated team will work remotely is important to establish a good communication system. Don’t let them in the dark! Develop a communication system that works for both of you. If needed you can have daily or weekly meetings to really make sure that they are on schedule with your project. Also, be sure to help however you can (giving more information or explaining better your vision and goals).

Don’t micromanage from afar:

If you have a dedicated team with a reliable team leader do not make the mistake to micromanage from afar. It is time-consuming and you can do much more harm than good.

Visit your offshore team:

Nowadays, with the help of communication platforms, it is much easier to be in touch with anyone in any part of the world. However, do not overlook the power of physical presence! By visiting each other, you will create a stronger connection with your offshore team and they will understand much better your company’s culture and vision.

Treat them as your team:

There is no us vs them. When you have an offshore dedicated team – they are your team! So, treat them like your team that just happened to work remotely. They are on your side and you have the same goals: to develop a quality software project that meets your business needs.

Final thoughts

We live in a world where we can communicate and travel faster than ever before. Things like location or different time-zones are no longer a concern when it comes to managing an offshore development team. Having a perfect fit with your outsourcing partner is crucial for the success of your software project.

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