Software Testing Career Path

Probably, a lot of people that are thinking of a career in software testing, are also thinking about this:

Where could the software testing career path take me?

First, the software testing career path has evolved from what it used to be.

Software testing is no longer a monotonous job, and it now offers much more options to people that are interested in following this career path.

Quick Tip:

While beginning your career as a software tester, don’t stick to testing only.

Learn to code. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of what software testing is all about. It will also help your career, as it would be quite difficult to become a Test Lead/Test Manager without any coding skills.

We have put together an infographic that can give you more insight on the software testing career path and on the options that could come along your way, as a software tester.


What do you think about the software testing career path infographic?

Are you ready to give software testing a chance?

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