When to Outsource IT Services

IT Outsourcing

If we said it once, we said it a thousand times – software outsourcing is the key to take off the pressure from many companies that are struggling to provide good internal IT support for their IT systems and end-users. Gone are the days when IT outsourcing was regarded as a last resort. Nowadays, companies can capitalize on technologies, skills, and services that their outsourcing IT partner specializes in.

Outsourcing IT Services vs. In-house Team

If you are growing your business, access to digital technology is vital for leveraging and maximizing the business opportunities at hand. As a business owner, your core competencies should be your primary concern. But this can sometimes be hard to achieve when you are dealing with an in-house IT team. Just think about the constant management of their daily /weekly tasks and training that you need to do. If we add the cost of the skilled human resource, IT infrastructure, certifications, and other employee benefits, managing a full-time IT staff can become costly and time-consuming.

Another challenge that many business owners are facing today is the shortage of candidates with the right level of expertise available on the market. By not having the right human resource to fill the roles, the quality of your software project can be compromised. Also, your business core activities can be completely slowed down if your IT staff doesn’t meet the required level of expertise.

When you Should Outsource IT?

The decision between software outsourcing vs. having an in-house IT team can depend on your business model and planning. Ultimately, you want to choose the best and most effective option for your software projects.

So, when is the time to start using the services of an outsourcing company? We prepared a list of the 5 most common signs that you need to start outsourcing your IT services and projects.

You don’t enough manpower

One of the most important signs that you need to start outsourcing NOW is the shortage of manpower in your IT team. If your team is swamped with projects and can’t keep up with deadlines, you need to find the human resources needed elsewhere. By having a software development outsourcing company as your partner you can have instant access to a large pool of talent.

You don’t have in-house expertise

Let’s assume that you have the most perfect in-house IT team that can cover all your current software needs but you just identify a need to build a web application to support your business, and your IT team isn’t experienced in web apps. It will not make sense to start searching for candidates with the right skillsets for this software project. It will be time-consuming and more expensive than having an outsourcing company help you with your project.

You don’t have the domain expertise

Finding the best developers for a project can be a difficult task even for the most experienced managers. Searching for the right talent in today’s market is time-consuming and even if you find the right candidate it will be more expensive than just hiring an outsourcing team.

You have a talent shortage

Outsourcing is a quick fix when you have a talent shortage.  An IT outsourcing partner can help you build a temporary team to meet your deadlines.

You need faster delivery

We live in a world where time is everything. Companies and clients are expecting faster delivery in all areas of business. If you have a software project that is urgent but you don’t have the human resources for fast delivery: outsourcing is your answer. You can complete your in-house team or hire a dedicated team with the help of a software outsourcing partner.


There is no better time than now to outsource your software projects. Keep in mind that the businesses that are looking to scale in the future are more likely to succeed if they outsource. The IT industry in Romania is the second largest provider of software and services in Eastern Europe. Here, you will find skilled developers, quality software projects at affordable prices.

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