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Romania is one of Europe’s fastest-growing outsourcing destinations for IT in general and software development in particular.

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Highly qualified
IT&C professionals

The country has emerged with great-promise for the IT services industry because of the highly qualified IT&C Romanian professionals and also due to the growing European demand for nearshore services.

Powerful outsourcing
hub in Europe

The IT industry in Romania has been growing at a fast pace in the last decade. The government support for this sector has played an important role in helping Romania to become a powerful outsourcing hub. The elimination of tax salary for developers, unique taxation on profit as well as opening foreign trade regimes are just a part of the benefits that the IT industry in Romania enjoys.

Largest contribution
of IT specialists

With 41 technical universities that bring in over 5,000 graduates a year, Romania is one of the European countries with the largest contribution of IT specialists. The software development outsourcing industry in  Romania contributes with 20% of the total software outsourcing services offered in Central and Eastern Europe.

Software Outsourcing Romania Benefits

Software outsourcing to Romania comes with many benefits for companies who are looking to outsource their software development projects. Here are a few reasons why clients look at Romania as a suitable destination for doing IT business:

Cost-effective pricing structure

Romanian professionals don’t have the lowest hourly rates in the outsourcing business, but they are highly competitive when you take a look at the large set of skills they possess. Romania promotes a strong value proposition by having the ability to offer cost-effective and high-quality IT services.

Competence & Skills

Romania ranks #5 in the list of countries with the highest number of certified IT professionals (as a BrainBench study shows). The Romanian IT education system and IT industry are highly supported by the government, a measure that produces valuable new specialists in IT each year.

Multilingual skills

Over 80% of Romanians in the IT sector speak English and most of them are also proficient in other languages like German, Italian or French. At Infobest knowledge of the English language is a must when it comes to hiring people, but we also have teams that are proficient in German, as well. 

Time zone

Romania is geographically very well positioned and more or less in the same time-zone as most European countries. This is a big plus when it comes to the implementation of agile development. Other destinations like India, China or Vietnam have a bigger difference when it comes to time zones.


Timisoara is just a few hours of flight away from most European capitals. There are many options when it comes to flight connections that can take you to and from there. 

European Union

Romania has been a member of the EU since 2007, which makes doing business in Romania and working with Romanian companies easy, safe and within your reach.

Software Development Outsourcing Romania

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In the software development world it is no longer about low cost. Long gone are the days where “price” was the decision factor when it came to choosing an outsourcing location. Nowadays, companies put more emphasis on quality then price, and are looking at higher cost outsourcing locations that offer better services and results.

The software development outsourcing sector in Romania stands out in both technical as well as communication skills. The Romanians software developers are taking communication and leadership courses and are always looking for ways to build and develop their programming skills. 

IT Outsourcing Romania

The IT industry in Romania has the technology expertise, quality-price balance, and cultural affinity to be the perfect outsourcing location. 

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Infobest is a European IT consultancy with offices in Germany and Romania. We provide IT services in the areas of development, quality assurance, support, and consulting. Our staff of highly qualified professionals covers all aspects of state-of-the-art technologies in object-oriented and web-centered environments.

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