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Was your mainframe written in PL/I and you need a dedicated PL/I development team to help you develop and maintain your system? Do you plan to develop and implement a new system using PL/I technology? We are here to help you!

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Even if PL/I is not as popular as other technologies when it comes to developing projects, at Infobest we have the required talent, experience and resources to cover any maintenance or development projects.

PL/I was a very innovative language and, for a while, it was considered the COBOL replacement. Today, the number of experts that still handle this surprisingly flexible technology is smaller, but you can rely on our teams when it comes to properly covering your PL/I development needs.

A Brief History of PL/I Development

PL/I is a legacy programming language created by IBM in 1960. It was created as an attempt to unify business and scientific computing and was designed for engineering, business, scientific and system programming. 

Nowadays, PL/I development is being mainly used to maintain old systems or to convert old systems to run on new hardware. Also, with the help of PL/I development you can re-building old systems in other, more modern languages.

PL/I services

provided by Infobest

  • PL/I Application Development
  • PL/I Application Maintenance
  • Custom PL/I Application Development

PL/I development is still in high demand from companies depending on their mainframe. Is your company in this situation? Are you searching for a PL/I development partner? We are here to help you!

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