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Why Infobest?

Infobest Romania is different.

Most companies operate under the premise that employees should be replaceable like parts of an assembly line. Here at Infobest, we choose our people more carefully. We really don’t care how much people know until we know how much they care.

We are a company made of people. Products and technology don’t fulfill the promise behind a brand, people do — people who are talented, motivated and more energized than our competitors.

At Infobest, we are looking for individuals with a passion for technology and innovation who can solve challenging problems and are not afraid of dreaming big and making a real impact. If this sounds like you, you will fit right in!

Get to know our company, our culture and the people working here.

Working at Infobest

Team Coordinator

”Infobest is offering me the most important things any workplace could offer: professional growth and a great working environment. From a professional point of view, I worked on a great variety of applications (desktop, web, mobile, plugins, etc.) using many technologies and tools. I advanced from being a team member to coordinating an entire team. The people are great, we are always helping each other, sharing and laughing together. ”


The Culture

We are a TEAM and we work collaboratively. No rockstars.

Here at Infobest, we have challenging tasks and projects resulting in software used by a large number of people in real-world scenarios.

Work like this keeps us focused and excited about what we do. Our values are focused on both customer and employee satisfaction.

The Perks

We invest in our people

We believe that it is important to stay on top of things and always have something new to learn and increase your set of skills. That is why Infobest is always supporting new courses or language classes (German and English).

We also have international projects with options to travel, and combine competitive salaries with an awesome work environment!

Flexible work schedule

Not a morning person? Here at Infobest, we believe that each person is different and each and every one of us has their own schedule. That is why we run a flexible work schedule.

Active people

At Infobest, we have all the facilities to stay healthy and in shape!
Extensive healthcare services and a sports and fitness card (7card) do make a real difference to us.

The Workplace

We’ve designed our space for us, so we can feel comfortable and inspired each day.

Did we mention the infinite flow of free tea & coffee, or the “Eating Healthy Day” and the traditional Romanian “Campenesc lunch”?

We play together

When you walk through our doors, you enter an environment where work and play often intertwine.

Once a month, we organize “Friday Night Games” at the office. We eat pizza, drink beer, play lots of board games, do karaoke or play charades.

Because we love working and playing together, we also have our weekly getaways! We love to go out for a LaserTag match or Billiard Games.

The People

Our success is made by our people. And to keep it that way, we are constantly looking for the best and brightest candidates in the market.

But we also know that talented and skilled people are only part of the story – your part. It also takes a great workplace, challenging projects, exciting technologies and best practice approaches to allow you to go to your limits and beyond – our part of the story.

Working at Infobest
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Working at Infobest
Working at Infobest
Working at Infobest
Working at Infobest
Working at Infobest
Working at Infobest
Working at Infobest
Working at Infobest
Working at Infobest
Working at Infobest
Working at Infobest

Marketing Manager

”I chose the right company. I’m valued. I’m recognized. I’m rewarded. We work hard, and we have fun, too. I can improve my professional set of skills and reach my career goals here. I enjoy my work.”

Ioana Baciu