Our mindset

Even at the beginnings of Infobest’s development center in Romania, in 2000, we tried to support Non-Profit Organizations, Educational Organizations or to enable entrepreneurship within the local community.

We’ve always been open to different ways to support people with challenges in the topics of health, education or human rights.

In the past years we’ve donated to different causes, we’ve sponsored activities and helped associations whenever we were able to. And we want to continue to do that in the following years, as well, by providing our best resources – our TIME and our EXPERIENCE – to those who need it.


How can you get support from us?

If you represent a Non-Profit Organization or an Educational Institution and you’re in the position of needing a new website, consultancy on any of the technologies you see listed on our website, QA or any other type of software development services, then you’re eligible for our Social Responsibility Program.

We are especially trying to help out Organizations or Institutions for which our resources would mean a great deal. If, for example, you’re trying to launch a new website that will generate long-term benefits to your Organization, then you’re surely getting “extra points”.

We are also very interested in helping Associations that enable health and education programs throughout the world. We’d love to know that we helped kids go to college or youngsters to start their own entrepreneurial road with projects that will – in the end – help others.

We’re huge fans of the “Butterfly effect” concept, so no project is “too small”.


Our contribution

It’s very important for us to get as many details as possible about your project. Depending on your needs, we will allocate a developer, a project manager or a small team to help out.

The time resource we allocate for your project will represent up to 5.000 Euros and you can benefit of the Program once a year.

We will choose two projects to sponsor each year and the decision regarding those projects will be made by Infobest’s teams.


Get in touch

If you think you qualify for the conditions mentioned at point number 2, please fill in the form below, let us know few details about your project (don’t spare any information that might be relevant) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.