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Over the past almost 20 years, our teams have developed custom solutions and complex business applications for both our clients and our own company.The way our company is organized and how we deliver our software development services allows us to adapt to different clients and a great variety of project requirements.

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Your Situation: you have a software development project that needs to get done, but you lack the resources to do it in-house.

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Managing your development projects means that we can take over a complete project or defined parts and modules of a project, and are able to manage all aspects related to producing the required result.

This can include a detailed analysis of requirements, the writing of specifications, the definition of the software architecture and design, the development, the quality assurance throughout the complete project life cycle, the handing over of all agreed deliverables to you, as well as long-term support and maintenance.

It is you who defines which parts and aspects of the software development process you want us to handle, while we take all necessary steps and measures to successfully manage the project.

A skilled project manager on our side will be assigned to each project and will act as your main contact. The project manager will be organizing all tasks in the project, will select and run the team and will coordinate all communication and reporting towards you.

This approach works very well not only for classical development methods like waterfall or RUP, but can also be successfully applied for agile projects using SCRUM or other rather dynamic and flexible methodologies.

The key aspect always remains the same: we take complete responsibility for whatever it is you want us to do, including all people and task management.

Your key benefits include:

  • Complete setup: we have all the expertise and resources to quickly set up a team that is right for your project, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right people with the right skills yourself.
  • Focus on results: you don’t need to worry about who is doing what, how and when, to produce an excellent result – we’ll do it for you. Your role and responsibilities are related to providing the necessary information and checking the results.
  • Dedication: our team is dedicated to your project and will not be spread amongst other activities. You can treat them as your own project team.
  • Flexibility: whenever there is a need to extend or reduce the team, we can do this on a flexible model.

We can also introduce other skills and expertise for short periods or specific tasks on an as-need-basis. For example when a certain technology needs to be evaluated or a certain type of architecture must be reviewed, outside the core team.

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