Powering almost 60% of websites, PHP seems to be the most preferred and used server-side language in today’s online world.

Many businesses turn to PHP when developing a website for their company because of the reliability, security and the feature-rich options PHP provides.

But we are not only familiar with many PHP frameworks like Zend or Symphony, but also master key frontend technologies like Angular, Vue or Node.JS. And of course we also understand what it takes to create excellent UI and UX.

How can Web Development and Infobest help with my project?

At Infobest, we have dedicated web teams that work on our client’s projects.

The way our company is organized and how we deliver our outsourcing services allows us to adapt to different client needs and to different project specifics.

This means that our web development services are available to you either by the managed outsourcing model or as an extended workbench, depending on your project requirements.

Working with the web teams at Infobest, you benefit of:

  • Rapid Development – our team has an in-depth understanding of creating, sustaining and modifying code in PHP, which reduces the overall development time and decreases the costs.
  • Performance – our well trained programmers make efficient use of PHP best practices to create innovative websites and applications with optimal performance.
  • Efficiency – we make use of MVC to create stable and reusable applications, so that in the future your investment can still be adapted.
  • Proven methodologies – the gained knowledge and experience over the past years allows us to work with various projects and adapt the best fitting business practices to each project, individually.
  • Technical Support – our customers are always free to contact us and their team at Infobest, through our diverse communication channels, to reduce downtimes and boost productivity.

Whether you are looking for an end-to end PHP Development or for a certain component for your business, we have the solution for your needs.

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