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Top three programming languages for A.I.

Internet lists about what programming languages are best for A.I. vary. Some include more examples, others fewer. It is obviously a choice made based on subjective markers, but also on current technology trends. Different programming languages have different advantages. Depending on the project you might need faster compiling, or the ability to solve complex A.I. […]

Why is custom-made software better than off-the-rack?

Software is an unavoidable part of business nowadays. For the organizations that still need to add a technological component to their activity, or to expand it, choosing correctly is imperative. The market is overloaded with choices, both from providers of custom-made and off-the-rack software. Yet, knowing which one is suitable requires an analysis of the […]

How can A.I. Development Influence the World of Work?

A.I. Development in world of work

A.I. is on everyone’s mind at the moment. The boost artificial intelligence development has seen in the last few years makes it more and more interesting to companies. It promises to give business advantages through insights that human cannot offer and to ease and improve workflows. A.I explained Classical A.I. uses logical reasoning. Like a […]

Best practices for cloud migration

The digitally native world is more and more a reality not just a prediction. In this context digital resiliency is of utmost importance. Moving to the cloud is one of the things that takes companies from traditional processes to agile. Best practices for cloud migration have become a core requirement for success in this instance.   […]

Outsourcing Strategies

outsourcing strategies

Clearly the new global circumstances have forced many businesses to rethink their direction. Technology seems to be moving, not fast, but at breakneck speed and market uncertainty is at an all-time high. Outsourcing and the need for effective outsourcing strategies have been around for years, yet now they have become an almost mandatory step for […]