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meet the team

Ping Pong is everyone’s sport

I started playing ping-pong a long time ago. Do you remember those concrete ping pong tables that we had in almost every park? That is where it all started for me.

In the beginning, I was just standing around a concrete ping pong table watching people bounce a ball back and forth for hours. After I learned the rules and practice a little bit I started to play with my childhood friends. The game  quickly became our favorite pastime and we started to get really good at it. Shortly, we started to play ping pong wherever we were. For example, at school, we started to transform our teacher’s table into a ping pong one, and as a net, we used a table cloth or books. Our recess was always spent around a table with a paddle in hand.

What I love most about this sport is that you can do it practically anywhere, as long as you have a table or a lot of imagination.

Give your brain a workout

When I started working at Infobest I was really excited to see that we have a ping pong table in our break room. Also, we have a lot of colleagues that enjoy the game and it was a great opportunity to bond with different team members. We could take a short 10-15 min break, in which we could play some ping pong, 2v2 so that everyone could have a chance to play (the lucky ones played in my team).
I consider it a bit of sport or movement, here and there, during work, it is very important, and it helps you a lot to relax and focus better afterward. Everyone should have something to do during breaks, luckily Ping Pong exists.
I played a lot of it before the pandemic, but also during it. However I’m waiting for the moment everyone is anxious for, the end of the Pandemic, so that we can go back to normal and continue to enjoy some Ping Pong at work.


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