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Why software developers shouldn’t stop at one language

software developer

The world of software development is growing and becoming more and more demanding. With the advent of microservice architectures and cloud hosting companies build hybrid infrastructures. Newer technologies replace the old or are integrated. All of this shows how important it is for a software developer in the current market to be as versatile as […]

One year into fully remote working: how IT companies see the future of the workplace

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Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned upside down the way we work and interact with each other. Traditional work models have been replaced with hybrid or fully remote ways of working. As a result, most of us have spent this past year separated from our colleagues and workplace. Nowadays, virtual meetings have […]

Infobest is presenting, a beauty, make-up & cosmetics marketplace

beauty, make-up & cosmetics marketplace

Infobest has launched, a new platform dedicated to women and men who take good care of their skin and want to have access to the latest beauty trends and tips. Discover the latest in beauty trends BeautyArena is not just a marketplace where you can order all the skincare and cosmetic products you need. […]

Offshore Software Development: How to find and manage the perfect team

Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development is here to stay! The world is your playground. In other words, you can literally choose any country in the world to build an offshore software development team. Sounds easy, right? Before you start searching for the right offshore software development company, you need to have a crystal-clear view of your demands […]

Software Outsourcing is the Key to Digital Transformation

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0. The time needed to finish reading: 4 minutes 1. Introduction 2. What is digital transformation? 3. How important is digital transformation? 4. Advantages of digital transformation outsourcing 5. Conclusion #1. Introduction The continued growth of digitalization requires global companies to respond faster, collaborate more, and overall be more efficient. Adding the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic […]

How to choose the right software outsourcing partner

software outsourcing partner

We live in a world of digital transformation where many businesses are heavily relying on software applications for expansion, successful operation, and increasing profitability. Therefore, many companies are looking to turn their ideas into working software solutions. For most companies, the process of developing software is difficult and time-consuming. Finding the right team of skilled […]

Infobest is presenting, a new toys and games discovery platform


Infobest has launched, a new discovery platform dedicated to children and adults of all ages. From classic toys adults grew up with to newer toys inspired by movies or cartoons, offers a wide array of fun and educational toys and games that children will cherish and remember for a lifetime. Also, there is […]

Coding together but staying apart: a guide to adapting the software development process

software developing process

For most of the software developers, remote work is nothing new. Most of them have done it in the last years and are used to working from the comfort of their homes. What has changed due to the Coronavirus lockdown is the fact that the entire software development organization is working remotely. It’s not just […]