Infobest has launched the German Version of StylishCircle at FashionTech in Berlin

The Berlin Fashion Week and its associated FashionTech showcase are the biggest annual fashion event in Berlin gathering thousands of fashion lovers, designers and producers from all over the world.

During the event, Infobest has launched a new version of the fashion portal dedicated to the German market. The chance to showcase this new platform to the public was too good to miss and the team was excited to demonstrate its great features and functions.



After great success in international markets, the StilyshCircle fashion website and community has a new brother – On the German version of the website, as well as with the English version, users and members can discover great fashion products and brands, create trends, earn points, win gift cards and promote themselves, their blog, and the products they love. offers tons of clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, beauty products and accessories from hundreds of brands and shops all over the world. Just a simple click will buy you the products you love and get them delivered at your doorstep.

We want to bring forward the diversity that can be found in each of us when it comes to fashion and style. Everyone is different and our taste in fashion and style is different. We should all embrace our unique personality and our way of being creative. This is what StylishCircle is all about. On StylishCircle, fashion-oriented people can be part of a community that has it all – personal style, creativity and fashion,” says Ioana Baciu, Marketing Manager at StylishCircle.

But this is not the end of the story, of course. Other dedicated versions of the platform will be launched for the UK, Austrian, Eastern European and Australian markets in the near future, with more to come in the long run.

For a more user-friendly and familiar approach, these local platforms will bring users closer together in the online community and help them meet new people with similar interests to inspire each other. Having region-specific products plus special delivery options will make the whole shopping experience much easier and at lower costs.


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