Infobest is presenting Escape Game World, the ultimate online escape game experience

Infobest is presenting Escape Game World, the ultimate online escape game experience

Infobest has launched, a new platform dedicated to true crime fans who love to solve puzzles, riddles, and murder mystery games.

Play with family and friends

Fans of murder mysteries and escape games will love this new platform. Here, you can find the perfect murder mystery game or an escape game that you can play with your family and friends. Take on the role of a private investigator, gather your team and start solving mysteries and crimes.

Social Media Escape Games

Escape Game World offers more than just an escape game. It offers a unique and real experience. You will be part of Shadow Squad, an independent international intelligence agency operating under the radar. Your mission is simple: search for clues, discover hints, and solve the murder case at hand.

What is different about this new escape games platform is the fact that you will interact with social media platforms and different websites in order to solve the case. Even if the story and characters are a work of fiction, the game has realistic environments that will create a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your team of detectives.

Perfect for a team-building activity

Working from home? Book an online escape game for your next virtual team-building activity and work together with your team to accomplish a common goal. An escape game can be exactly what your team needs, especially in this pandemic time. Besides the fun part, by playing one of our online escape games you and your team can develop an important set of skills that will help you in the long run. You will learn to better communicate, build trust, find a solution to a problem and work as a team.

Release your inner detective

Join the Shadow Squad Agency in solving the most important and high-profile cases in the world. Explore crime scenes, access top-secret documents, search for hidden clues or hints and find the killer! Follow hints and suggestions to move to the next stage in your mission.

„The Escape Game World story started during the COVID-19 pandemic when all of us were working from home and events like live team-buildings or Christmas parties were just a distant memory. We wanted to have a fun and interesting online team activity, and the idea of an online escape game started to grow roots in our minds.

Our mission at Escape Game World is to provide unique and challenging games that bring people together. Our recipe for a great escape game is simple: we create fictional stories with strong characters, add a tight plot where every scene leads to new information, and insert clever clues that will help you solve the case.” – says Ioana Baciu, Marketing Manager at


Got your team of detectives ready? is available worldwide.

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