Infobest is presenting, a new toys and games discovery platform


Infobest has launched, a new discovery platform dedicated to children and adults of all ages.

From classic toys adults grew up with to newer toys inspired by movies or cartoons, offers a wide array of fun and educational toys and games that children will cherish and remember for a lifetime. Also, there is a wide section of society games dedicated to adults. From board games to puzzle and logic games, offers a large variety of games that adults will enjoy.

Play, learn and grow

Boys and girls of all ages will be delighted with the selection that includes toys, riding bikes, tricycles, books for children, trampoline, kite, building toys, crafts, dolls, and many more.

Shoppers at will find a convenient to use website, divided into easy to navigate sections. You can find toys by category, brands, promotions, or toys inspired by movies.

“The idea for emerged from a market gap that we wanted to try to address. is like an online catalog with the most wanted toys & games from renowned niche shops here in Romania. Basically, users would enter a virtual “shopping mall” where they can find exactly what they are looking for without needing to browse 5-10 shops. Thus saving time and even money because we are always trying to find the best deals on the market, showcasing those products for a delightful UX” – says Adriana, Marketing Manager at is available only for the Romanian market.

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