Into the Wild: Infobest Teams Unleash Fun and Adventure at TOR 2023!

TOR 2023 Adventure

Picture this: It’s a sunny summer weekend, and you find yourself racing through the spectacular Romanian Mountains with your awesome friends and colleagues. Sounds like the ultimate adventure, right? Well, for all of us nature-loving, thrill-seeking, and competition-hungry folks, there’s only one answer – the Team Outdoor Race (TOR) is THE place to be! At Infobest, we’ve turned it into a cherished tradition, making the most of every summer as we embark on the epic journey of TOR. This year’s edition was no exception.

TOR 2023: An Unforgettable 12th Edition!

Last weekend, our colleagues took on the challenge with unwavering enthusiasm and determination. With their hearts set on adventure, they embraced every moment of TOR 2023 with open arms.
As the sun rose on the competition day, you could feel the excitement in the air. From the very start at 7 AM, the teams were raring to go, ready to conquer the unknown and unleash their full potential. The energy was infectious, setting the tone for a day filled with unforgettable moments.
Throughout the day, our colleagues pushed their physical and mental limits. With four zones featuring unique challenges, interspersed with hikes and climbs through the forest, it was an experience that left a lasting mark on everyone involved.

Into the Wild: Infobest Teams Unleash Fun and Adventure at TOR 2023!

The Thrill of the Challenge

The very essence of TOR resided in its four exhilarating zones scattered across the mountains, each offering a distinct and thrilling set of challenges. The excitement was palpable as participants geared up to conquer the adrenaline-pumping obstacles and keep their competitive spirit soaring. From honing our aim with knife-throwing and scaling mountain heights through abseiling, to the creative challenge of building a Pisa-like tower with unequal cylinders and the brain-teasing search for puzzle pieces, the challenges struck the perfect balance between fun and difficulty. Each zone brought a unique twist, pushing us to test our limits and igniting our passion for adventure.

My absolute favorite challenge during TOR 2023 was “Hai hui”! The task was to build the map of Romania using puzzle pieces, but here’s the twist – it was on three different levels representing historical areas, geographical regions, and counties! And to add to the excitement, we had to dash around to fetch the map pieces one by one. But you know what made it even better? The incredible teamwork! We synchronized our moves like a well-oiled machine, and it was so satisfying to see how we effortlessly coordinated and supported each other throughout the challenge. “Hai hui” was not only fun but also a testament to the power of collaboration within our awesome team!” – said Cristina

Into the Wild: Infobest Teams Unleash Fun and Adventure at TOR 2023!

Adventures & Friendships – A Bonding Experience Beyond Compare!

This experience was simply extraordinary, and it’s not just the stunning scenery, thrilling challenges, and mouthwatering food that made it so special. What truly made this journey unforgettable were the people. From the moment we set foot in the tent camp to reaching the mountaintop, we connected with incredible individuals. Competitors, referees, organizers, and warm-hearted locals became instant friends, and their camaraderie added a unique touch to the entire event. Amidst the fierce competition, something magical happened – a spirit of mutual support and cooperation emerged. Teams, though in a constant battle for supremacy, readily extended a helping hand whenever they crossed paths on the course. It was a heartwarming reminder that we were all part of a grand adventure together.

“If I were to pick the absolute coolest part of this event, it would undoubtedly be my amazing team members. Throughout the competition, we bonded like a tightly-knit family, united by a shared goal and a genuine friendship. The camaraderie we built will undoubtedly endure beyond this event, and I have no doubt that we’ll stand strong as a team in any situation that life throws our way. TOR 2023 brought us together in the most remarkable way, and I’m forever grateful for the connections we forged.” – said Cezar

Into the Wild: Infobest Teams Unleash Fun and Adventure at TOR 2023!

The End of a Great Day

At the finish line, after an exhilarating day of challenges and adventure, our Infobest colleagues were greeted with a refreshing slice of juicy watermelon. The cool sweetness was a welcome treat, reinvigorating their spirits and quenching their thirst.
As the sun dipped below the horizon, the teams came together for a well-deserved celebration. Gathered around a crackling bonfire, they shared stories of triumphs and challenges, laughter filling the air.

On Sunday morning, the muscle soreness was the glorious badge of honor for our adventurous endeavors the day before. As we gathered for breakfast, we couldn’t help but chuckle at our sore limbs, reminding ourselves of the incredible challenges we had conquered. But the soreness was a small price to pay for the epic memories we had created.” – said Adriana

TOR had once again proven that, at Infobest, it’s not just about work; it’s about creating a family of adventurers who share a love for fun and exploration. And with hearts full of happiness, they bid farewell to this year’s competition, eagerly looking forward to the next grand adventure that awaited them!

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