StylishCircle by Infobest is now live in Beta!

StylishCircle – Personalized Fashion – Discover & Shop Your Style.

StylishCircle is a brand new fashion discovery platform that provides users with a simple way to check the latest fashion, create outfits and buy designer clothes on sale.

On StylishCircle, fashion-oriented people can be part of a community that has it all.

The members of StylishCircle can discover great fashion products, discover brands, create trends, earn points, win gift cards, promote themselves, their blog and the products they love.

“We want to bring forward the diversity that can be found in each of us when it comes to fashion and style. Everyone is different and our taste in fashion and style is different. Here at StylishCircle we consider that ‘different’ is trending right now and that we should all embrace our unique personality and our way of being creative. This is what StylishCircle is all about – personal style, creativity and fashion. “said Maria, the Marketing Manager of StylishCircle.

StylishCircle is live in Beta – you can still sign up to be a beta tester at StylishCircle and be one of the first to see the how it works.

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