HackTM 2016 – Infobest is up for the challenge

Did somebody say Hackathon?

HackTm, one of the biggest events of this type in South-Eastern Europe, is the Timisoara super-sized software & hardware development hackathon – and it is starting today!

Over 500 experienced specialists, as well as rookies, designers, and students are expected to take part in the event. Its aim is to mobilize both IT enthusiasts and tech companies to get together and get creative.

We made it our tradition

Here at Infobest, we encourage creativity, and this type of event is the best way to put our ideas in motion. That is why we don’t miss an edition of HackTM.

Last year, our team went for the City Projects Track, with their awesome project “City Box”. They had 48 hours to finish the project, and the result brought them a prize in this category.

hacktm 2016

This year’s HackTm is focused on creating opportunities for creative thinking and action in any of these categories:

* Smart City

* Education

* Game Development

* Robots

* IoT

* eHealth

* FinTech

* Miscellaneous/Open

“For the first time this year, we will kick off the hackathon on Friday morning with a day filled with talks, technical presentations, and networking opportunities. This will give the participants the perfect opportunity to build teams, find ideas and learn new things,” HackTM stated.

During this IT marathon, the participants will be grouped into teams of 5 people at most. If there are some participants who lack a team, they will be able to find one on site.

HackTM is organized by a wide group of tech community representatives, reunited by Timisoara Startup Hub and Banat IT. The event is scheduled for May 20-22.

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