Infobest is presenting, a beauty, make-up & cosmetics marketplace

beauty, make-up & cosmetics marketplace

Infobest has launched, a new platform dedicated to women and men who take good care of their skin and want to have access to the latest beauty trends and tips.

Discover the latest in beauty trends

BeautyArena is not just a marketplace where you can order all the skincare and cosmetic products you need. Is also a platform where you can learn how to take care of your skin and how to better choose the skincare products for your skin’s needs.

Our beauty advisors are always up to date with the latest beauty trends and ready to share their knowledge with you. By having access to the correct information regarding the needs of your skin you can choose the right products and obtain the best results.

Explore the selection of make-up, skincare, and beauty resources

From skincare to body care and hair care – we have all the products you need to pamper yourself from head to toe. On BeautyArena you will find a large selection of beauty products from top brands like M.A.C, CeraVe, Vichy or La Roche Posay, and many more.

In our Korean products section, you can find body and hair products for both women and men.

Discover our BeautyArena care routine section

On this platform, you have a dedicated section for everyday skincare routines based on skin types. No matter if you have sensitive, oily, normal, or mixed skin, you will find the best skincare solutions for your skin’s concerns.

This beauty online marketplace is more than just a place where you do your online shopping. It is a beauty and skincare community that can help you on your journey to perfectly healthy skin and hair.

“With this COVID-19 pandemic, we noticed that people have been shifting more towards self-care and buying beauty & skincare products online more than ever before. Salons have been closed for a while and many women started to take on treatments for at-home use more seriously. With wearing protection masks daily and sometimes using too many disinfecting products, most people wanted to find the best products that would help them out. BeautyArena is more than a marketplace, it offers valuable info to readers so that they can have a better overview on product picking for their needs. There is no “PERFECT” in beauty, but more of what suits each individual, their lifestyle, budget, and everything else that impacts a choice.” – says Adriana Bărar, Marketing Manager is available only for the Romanian market.

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