Infobest has launched the Romanian version of StylishCircle with a great event

Infobest is delighted to announce that the Romanian version of the fashion portal StylishCircle has been officially launched this weekend.

Over 40 bloggers and trendsetters from across Romania have participated in this stylish event which kept the social media channels buzzing with pictures and live videos.

After the rush of the last days, we can finally draw a line and declare this event a big success.

The biggest fashion event for bloggers

We are all very excited that we manage to create the biggest fashion event ever held in the west region of the country.

We began our day with a “meet and greet” where we manage to sit down with a tasty cappuccino and get to know all the bloggers.

After a couple of hours of networking, we started the StylishCircle presentation, sustained by our colleague Ioana.

The first part of the day was completed with a stylish presentation held by Tudor Personal Tailor.

After we enjoyed the beautiful collection of male costumes, it was time to enjoy the colorful candy bar, created by our partner Senneville DulceDulce.

Following this sweet moment, we went on with a visit to the Smartfit Studio gym, where the bloggers enjoyed a custom fitness program with a personal trainer. They also enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi.

After the training and the Jacuzzi relaxation, we continued our day with a karting race.

The event was ended with a dinner and party.

The next day we went to a coffee tasting and discover the story behind a good cup of coffee. We found out the importance of the hall process of the coffee: from the altitude where the coffee beans are grown to the washing and processing steps.

In the end, we would like to thank the sponsors:  Senneville, Smartfit Studio, Beauty Box Casa de Bijuterii NoblesseCupio, Promotor Timisoara, Leonidas, Optica Eugen, Peonies & Hydrangeas, Anita Bejenaru.

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