Meet Ralf, the King of Squash: 3rd Place Winner in Romania’s National Squash Federation

Meet Ralf, Infobest’s very own squash superstar who has been making waves in the sport for several years now. He is not only a talented software developer but also a force to be reckoned with on the squash court. In fact, he recently earned 3rd place in the senior category of the Squash Romanian Federation, a remarkable achievement for any squash player.
Ralf’s journey with squash started in 2012 when his uncle, who is an avid squash player from the United States, visited him in Timisoara. Ralf’s uncle took him to try out the squash court in the city, and after just one session, he was hooked on the sport. Despite his initial struggles, Ralf continued to play squash regularly and quickly became quite good at it. Over the years, he started to participate in various squash tournaments where he showcased his skills and passion for the sport.
His dedication to the sport paid off when he decided to enter a squash competition and finished in 3rd place in the senior category of the National Romania Squash Federation. Ralf’s impressive achievement is a testament to his hard work, commitment, and love for the sport.
Squash requires not only physical fitness but also strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and mental toughness. These are all qualities that our colleague possesses in abundance, which makes him an excellent squash player.
He dedicates 2-3 sessions per week to playing the sport. In addition to participating in weekly competitions, he also hits the court with his coach and friends. Although he enjoys playing other sports like football and ping pong, Ralf is drawn toward squash for its high-intensity and fast-paced nature. The sport provides him with an excellent workout, and he relishes the challenge of competing against other skilled players.
When asked about why he loves playing squash so much, Ralf replied, “I like to play different sports, but if I had to choose only one, I will always choose squash. It is more intense than any other sport, and you can play it all year round. Squash is considered the healthiest sport, and it really works on flexibility, stability, and cardiovascular health. All you need is a bit of motivation to get to the court, and you can rent a coach if you don’t have a friend to play with.”
Ralf’s achievements in squash are a testament to his hard work, dedication, and love for the sport. His success also reflects Infobest’s commitment to supporting its employees’ passions and interests outside of work. Our colleague is a source of inspiration for anyone who aspires to achieve greatness in their chosen field.
As a company, we are proud to sponsor Ralf for his competitions and help him pursue his passion. If you’re looking for a fun, intense, and challenging workout that also helps improve your cardiovascular health, agility, and flexibility, then give squash a try. Who knows, you might just become the next squash superstar!

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