The Future Of Work Is Employee Well-being

The Future Of Work Is Employee Well-being

Infobest is its people and our aim is to enrich the health, safety, and well-being of our employees across all areas of life.

Since the start of the pandemic, the health and safety of our people means so much more than simply reducing workplace accidents and employee illnesses – it’s also about protecting and strengthening our people’s well-being and happiness.

Shaping a brighter future of work with our well-being benefits

When it comes to employee benefits, supporting physical and emotional health is a top priority for us. In the past two years, we worked hard to understand the health risks of our employees in order to build targeted well-being benefits that can help our people to deal with challenges, change and minimize stress. Ultimately, we want to inspire our teams to choose a healthier future for themselves.

Our employee health strategy

Managing wellbeing in the new working world is not about replicating what was done before, but about coming up with new solutions that can serve our people’s current needs.

„When all the pandemic policies started in 2020 with enforced home office, lockdowns, and social distancing measures, we asked ourselves what kind of impact this would have on people. And it seemed clear to us that, since people are social beings who are not meant to remain without regular personal interactions, the effects would largely be very negative and that we as a company should react to this in some way or another. We started by trying to figure out in how far we could help best – which was the first step of our well-being program, aimed at offering people both direct psychological support by professionals as well as a platform to discuss the effects of the new situation with each other in a larger personal, social and work-related context.” – says Christan Becker, CEO Infobest

Mental wellness

The stresses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic- such as health risks, anxiety, frustration, and adjustments to a „new normal” way of working – can have repercussions on performance and achievement. In response, we now focus more on our employee’s well-being, offering monthly webinars on topics covering mental health, good working habits, leadership, burnout, communication, and more.

Besides these monthly online webinars, each employee benefits from individual counseling sessions.

Physical wellness

While remote working allowed employees to achieve a better work-life balance, reduce commute time, improve social life and deal with family commitments, it also contributed to reduced physical activity.  And a lack of physical activity is known to impact mental health. In response, we are offering our employees a set of benefits that will encourage them to be more active, even when they work from home.

Our people have access to a monthly budget for buying sports equipment or gym subscription. We also sponsor and encourage our employee’s participation in sports events like marathons or TOR (Team Outdoor Race) competitions.

Social wellness

Remote working does not provide the same experience as working on-site. We miss out on the social cues of a busy office and much-needed social interactions – catching up at the coffee maker about our weekend, or getting together to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. These seemingly small interactions can have an important impact on our well-being. In response, we now focus more on social interactions between members of the team and also between our people and the management.

We started adopting a program of regular feedback sessions with all of your employees. Therefore, each Infobest employee has a one-to-one discussion with our local management where they can talk about their needs, career goals, achievements, or any other topic that is important for them.

When the pandemic restrictions have been lifted we started to encourage our people to get together. We focused on creating events that will bring our people together in a safe environment. Therefore, events like team-building, games night, sponsored team lunch or dinner started to become more often than before.


We believe that a healthy organization starts with healthy employees. For us, employee well-being isn’t just a buzzword of the moment – it’s about making our people happier and healthier.

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