TOR 2022 – A Weekend To Remember

TOR 2022 – A Weekend To Remember
Can you think of a better way to spend a summer weekend than racing through the mountains with your friends and colleagues? If you share our passion for nature, competition, and adventure the answer is simple.
It has become a tradition at Infobest to participate each summer in the awesome event that is TOR – Team Outdoor Race. This year, the TOR competition took teams deep into the Aninei mountains for an adventure to remember for years to come.

The 11th edition of TOR was one to remember

Last weekend, two teams from Infobest participated in the Team’s Outdoor Race, which was set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Romanian national park – Cheile Nerei.
TOR 2022 – A Weekend To Remember
The event started at 7AM and ended at 7PM and had 4 challenge zones spread through the mountains. Whilst the competition is a timed event, it’s not as simple as crossing the finish line first. Each checkpoint required teams to complete a challenge where they could redeem points. At the end of the race, the points gathered by each team will decide the winners of the competition.
Using only a map and compass, our teams decided to start with the 1st challenge Zone. Here, they had to send and receive coded messages using flags, identify different types of rocks, reproduce knots, and make an oversized and quite a complex puzzle.
TOR 2022 – A Weekend To Remember
Everything went according to plan until a weather alert about heavy rain and hail with winds of 90-100 km/h changed the team’s strategy.
Luckily, when the storm started our teams were able to take shelter in a cave. The bad news was that the route had become very slippery. After the weather calmed down the teams were able to get back to the base.
Even if the weather ruined some of the challenges, the event was lots of fun. For us it was about perseverance, overcoming Mother Nature, surpassing personal challenges, and working together as a team so that everyone crosses the finish line together.
TOR 2022 – A Weekend To Remember
“For us, this type of competition is more than setting personal records- it’s about the journey, the encounters along the way with people, nature, and wildlife. It was a journey full of twists and surprises that taught us to rely on one another and come together as a team.” – Codruța

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