15 Years of Infobest in Romania

Happy Birthday! We have just turned 15 years old, in Romania.

We are happy to say that you have read that correctly.
Let’s just think about that for a second. That is almost two decades of development and an unbelievable amount of coffee and tea.

Even if the world that we live in and the field that we work in has changed so much and on so many levels, over the years, there are some things that have not changed. What we love to do, the great people that work here and the partners and clients that we have and have had over the years.

At first, we were a handful of people that were just happy to create, to do things our way and to deliver the best service for our customers and potential customers.
A large amount of work was put in by a small group of skilled and energetic individuals, which are still with the company today.

As the years flew by, our team grew, but that hasn’t changed our goal – to deliver quality, always.

Over the years we have built amazing relationships not only with each other but with our clients and partners as well and we have had the opportunity to work on some pretty amazing projects.

Who knows what the future holds, but as long as we will be able to deliver high-quality work to our customers, we will be a happy bunch.


In celebration of this significant milestone, we just want to say – thank you!

Today, we are still growing our teams and we run the company by the best principles that we have learned over the years. We do not rest on past achievements. We are always pushing forward.

Special thanks go to our clients. We would not be here without you. You’ve given us great projects to work on and you’ve always been open to our ideas.

Here’s to the next 15 years of working on great projects, with great people!

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