How Apps have changed our lives

Apps on our smartphone change our life each day

Do you know the feeling when you go out and realize you left your phone at home? That strange sensation that you are not part of this world anymore?

The smartphone has become our best friend. From early in the morning, when our alarm clock is ringing and we hit the snooze button, until late at night when we check our social media account before falling asleep.

From modifying our communication behavior to the way we eat and exercise, mobile apps have changed our life in almost every aspect – from personal to business.

Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have changed everything. Now users can communicate faster with friends or people they never met before. Each one of these apps offers the possibility to communicate or express yourself through text, pictures or video.

Even if the most popular apps are the social media ones like Facebook or Twitter, there are several other mobile apps that can make your life much easier. From fitness to virtual closet apps, there are thousands of applications to choose from.

There is an app for anything and everything we would ever need or desire

It is predicted that people will spend $25 billion dollars in app stores this year. As an Android user you can choose from 1.5 million apps and as an Apple user you have 1.4 million apps available for download.

Bearing in mind that the average person spends about 2 hours each day on mobile applications and that a typical person mainly uses 8 different apps, is not that hard to understand why so many companies are trying to develop apps that will help your business or your day to day activities.

Apps aim to make life easier and tasks better suited to mobile use

Millions of people around the world now rely on pocket-sized computers to communicate, shop, play, read, date, learn, exercise, take photos, and find directions. Apps are the heart and soul of any smart phone.

According to the app-tracking company Flurry, the world has adopted smart phones and tablets 10 times faster than it embraced personal computers in the 1980s, twice as fast as it logged into the Internet boom of the ’90s, and three times faster than it joined social networks in the new millennium.

What type of app are you using daily?

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